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The office is designed to be as comfortable as your living room, and our team enjoys welcoming you to place where they enjoy working together and serving you.

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Yankee Springs Dental provides many types of services in one beautiful, friendly location. Dr. Ackermann and Dr. Kokmeyer are a father, daughter team who treat you and your family like their own. You can have a beautiful, healthy smile with treatment at one office. We’ve made a beautiful smile affordable and convenient. Many options are featured on our website. We’ve picked the best up-to-date treatment options, and we provide them with excellence. Call our office if we can answer any questions about how we can meet your dental needs.


General Services

Yankee Springs Dental provides many types of services in one beautiful, friendly location. Dr. Ackermann and Dr. Kokmeyer are…

Braces for a Beautiful Smile

The doctors at Yankee Springs Dental have many years of experience in providing our patients with healthier teeth and…

Care for Children

Yankee Springs Dental near Wayland, Michigan loves kids. We love children and want them to feel at home in…


Yankee Springs Dental offers Snap-On Smile!

Snap-On Smile® is affordable, non-invasive, and completely reversible. It that can easily and…

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How to keep your braces clean & healthy.

When you have braces on teeth, those teeth need extra attention to protect them from decay, staining and gum disease. You should...

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How does a cavity form?

The main causes of tooth decay or caries are sugar and food remains, as bacteria which live in the mouth convert sugar...

Meet Our Staff

The Yankee Springs Dental doctors and staff enjoy working together, and we appreciate the friendships we have made with the people who trust us with their dental care. We feel blessed to be able to work with wonderful patients and make a difference in their health and appearance through excellent dentistry. We’ve learned that it’s not all about US. Our services are all about YOU and your personal dental concerns.



Ashley, Receptionist


Karla, Patient Coordinator


Jan, Dental Hygienist


Liz, Office Manager and Dental Assistant